Friday, August 13, 2010

Vacation is approaching.

Hello Darlings,

Remember when I mentioned that I was going on vacation? Well, that day is creeping up and I have a few assignments for you. I will only give you two of them today. While I am gone I will have my Pet post fantasies that you have sent in. I will prepare everything before I leave. I am not quite sure I have enough for the full week I will be gone so your first assignment of the night is to send in another fantasy- as dirty, sissy, filthy, or as wicked as you like. Your only goal is to please me.

Your second assignment is to edge for me. You haven't edged in awhile so I want this one to be particularly brutal- I don't care how. Get creative.

Tonight, I went to dinner with a very old friend from my high school days! She mentioned she was going to be near me and wanted to catch up. Well, I will say it was an interesting dinner. She wasn't surprised by my realization that I was a mistress. She said knew it was something I would enjoy- my only response was laughter. This was the girl that taught me how to kiss, to seduce, the secrets to sex and she knew I was a mistress before I did! What a night, Darlings, it is wonderful to be seen for who/what you are without having to explain or defend.

I will give you more assignments tomorrow.

Mistress B.


  1. I'm picturing you taking sissy out shopping. She of course is wearing thin white pants, so you can see the nice panty pattern underneath! Holding lingerie up to sissy in the store, she is mortified as people look on!!! Going home, you make her drink alot in the restaurant, but don't let her go to the bathroom. On the way home, she's ready to burst!!! You pull over and let her squat by the side of the road -- how humiliating!!
    At home, you make her stand in the corner with your panties on her face... and tell her to keep a second pair of panties stuck against the wall with her nose. She of course fails! This gets her 30 floggings from You.... Then she sets to work dressing in all her pink finery, and putting makeup on. When she's all ready, You make her please You orally, messing up all that makeup on her face! Poor sissy! A quick wash-down with your pee will clean her (some), and give her a cleaning chore to keep her busy!! Hope she can "flesh" this story out a bit more as an assignment...

  2. Weave,
    Well, well, you are a very dirty girl! That fantasy was delicious and pleasing. I especially liked all the punishment and humiliation she had to endure.

    Mistress B.