Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Fantasy.

This is a fantasy from a slave that emails me.

My fantasy starts with me tied to a bed. It is just the way life is for me. I am eager at every sound that moves through the house hoping my mistress is back to punish me more. The door opens and there she is standing in the shadows. I wish I weren't tied so I could jump to the floor and kneel at her feet but I am tied down so I can't even move. The ball gag in my mouth doesn't allow for anything more than a whimper.

She moves to the bed and checks my bonds and tightens a few. She brushes the hair from my face and then grabs all of it in one fist. She yanks my head back so my throat is exposed. She places one kiss on the side of my neck and tells me that if I come she will punish me until I can't even remember my own name.

She pulls out a toy from her bag and wraps it around my waist and lets it trail down to my vagina. Then she sticks it in and I know I am in trouble because I am already wet. She turns it on and my eyes roll back in my head fighting the need to orgasm. She senses my need and smirks as she stands up, towering over me on the bed. She opens her legs wide and I can see every single part of her. She reaches down and starts stroking herself while I watch.

I am starting to lose control and I close my eyes so I do not disobey. My mistress leans down and slaps me hard across the face. I am not allowed to close my eyes, she says. And she starts touching herself again. Her other hand trails her breasts while she starts to moan from her own pleasure. Tears fall down my eyes as I do my very best not to finish. She starts to move faster and moan louder until finally her head falls back and I see her orgasm fall onto my body.

I can't help it. My body shakes, I cry out. I cum.

Mistress is not pleased.

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  1. Well that's a nice little fantasy... i wonder what happens next