Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Another Fantasy.

This is another email slave.

One day when I am at work I would receive a message that a lady was for me on the Phone and that it was urgent. So the colleagues where of course amused and wondered what was going on. So I went to the office from my female supervisor to answer the phone. Red cheeked trying to hold my composer I heard your voice commanding to go to a certain villa and I must be dressed as a maid, without knickers on. Politely I asked my supervisor to leave the side. To my surprise she give it to me with a wicked smile. So I hurried home to redress myself and went to the place as ordered.

It was a older big house with a neglected wild garden. One huge dog barked at the entrance gate.

After parking my car I went to the front door to ring the bell. Your voice told me then that servants slaves and worms needed to the servants entrance. So I did ringed again the doorbell. A camera was following my moves while your voice commanded me to turn around and to show myself good. I needed to lift also my skirt and to expose my balls and whiny.

Then I was granted to enter. I needed to take my shoes off and needed to wait barefoot on the cold floor. Then I heard you coming. You where carrying a whip and looked not amused. So slut why are you standing up. At your knees bitch and lift up your skirt. I did as fast as I could. On all four, I was on the cold floor. Only seeing your black boots beside me. You poked with you whip at me. Asked question and checked me out. Then came your dog whom started to sniff at me. He explored me and then mounted me. His sperm explode at my leg. After that I must say thank you Mistress B and needed to clean it all up. While you where watching from a comfortable sit.

Now bitch tell me how is the weather outside. A bit chilly Mistress B, I answered truthfully. So slut good working weather is that. Go to the side room and undress. Then when you are fully naked you come back to me on all four. And don’t worried I send the dog away. Your smile was sexy and evil.

I did all you ordered me. Back to you I received a black leather collar. With a short chain. Then you pulled me and checked out the dressing room hat I left. The clothes where not tidy enough folded. So with spreaded legs and bended over I received then lashes. One time I miscounted and you started all over again.

When the punishment was finished you caressed me a bit. And played with my arse, digs and balls. Then you send me out to the garden dragging me on the leach and

giving your orders. You watched me a bit and when all went well you left me naked alone in the garden to work. I did so very hard. After four hours you came back with a empty bowl. I needed to carried it while you dragged me to a hose. There you showered me with cold water until all the dirt was gone. Then I could drink from the bowl doggy style.

Now we entered inside back to the little dressing room where I could make me dry and put back on the maids clothes. After I cleaned up all the wet floors. I heard that I needed to go to the main door and let people inside. You where giving a small party and I needed as maid without knickers on to serve the guest. What I faithfully did.

At about two am the party went away downtown for clubbing I needed to clean all up and tide up the kitchen. At 7 am I needed to walk the dog in the garden. You came home at about that time.

I needed you to follow to your boudoir. Where I needed to help to remove your boots. Sitting naked on my knees and holding the ashtray while you smoked. After you took a few pics of me as a sissy maid I could go home. And wait for your next orders.

Thank you Mistress B

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