Thursday, August 26, 2010

Back from a lovely vacation.

Hello my lovely Darlings,

I am finally settled back in and back into my routine. Did you miss me? Well, here I am. I gained a few freckles on my nose, a few streaks in my hair, and have a slightly less pale complexion.

Have you all been good? Have you edged like I commanded? You better have. Do you deserve a reward for being good little boys and girls? Hmmm.. I suppose. *giggle* oh yes, I'll give you a reward but of course, as always, it has to be my way. I want you to get on the ground on all fours like an animal. Smack your ass, open your legs, and call yourself Mistress B.'s little slut. Orgasm hard for your mistress.

You are welcome.
Mistress B.

1 comment:

  1. Its so nice to have you back Mistress B. i have edged every night for you and yes, im desperate to cum for you. i love freckles, bet your tan looks super. i took a moment from my studies and smacked my sissy ass while on my hands and knees as directed and called myself your sissy slut. May i orgasm today or should i wait until tonight? Its your choice from me to you.

    Thank you Mistress B