Saturday, August 7, 2010

An interesting night.

Hello Darlings,

I am not sure who was more surprised last night- him or me.

We started kissing and fumbling with our clothes like normal. The atmosphere changed the moment he took off his belt and tried to hold me to the bed with it. Hold ME to the bed? Oh no. I simply shook my head and threw the belt across the room. His eyes started to change at that moment and I laughed. I asked him if he trusted me with his body and he said yes. I purred and pushed him back on the bed and pulled my restraints from the sides of the mattress. There were sputtering protests but I just shook my head and got a ball gag out, too. *grin*

Then I left the room to change. When I came back I was in thigh highs, stilettos, lace panties, and my blue corset. He watched as I pulled my hair back into a braid and I started to smile again. I tsked and he quickly learned how to obey. And here is the point where we were both surprised- he liked being my submissive. As I was punishing him he moaned and his little cock got harder.

He thought that I was going to get on top of him (haha) but of course you know that isn't how I do things. I turned him over and took out Wynonna. I reached around to feel his little cock as I fucked him from behind. Amused, I stroked it lightly as I pushed into him and his whole body shook as he came. Eventually, I stopped, took off my panties, and made him wear them tied to my bed.

I had some lovely orgasms as the night progressed and am satisfied for a short while.

Mistress B.


  1. Wow Mistress B, that sounds like an amazing time, i wish i could get to be that lucky, but i wouldnt get the chance to be touching any part of you or taking your clothes off due to the fact of how much of a sissy i am

  2. Mistress B it sounds like you had a Great time. Your discription got my hormones storming. What a luck guy he is.

    Thank you Mistress B

  3. SissyBabyAmber,
    That's not true. If a slave is submissive enough and stays on his knees long enough they are -on occasion- allowed to touch me. Look at my Pet, for example. He has been a good loyal slave for some time and over the years has been granted a few liberties most slaves do not have.

    That is true but I enjoy my sissies even more.

    Mistress B.

  4. I am again jealous, this time of your ex. That sounds like a wonderful evening mistress.

    Thank You Mistress B.

  5. SissyD,
    Poor little, Darling. Always so jealous.
    If you lived near me you would be under my heel as well.

    Mistress B.