Monday, August 9, 2010

One of my old punishments.

Hello Darlings,

Mistress Katie reminded me of one of my old punishments at dinner tonight with Katrina. To everyone's amusement, Mistress Katie loved telling the story of how I again proved I was a terrible slave and needed constant discipline. Most of you are good little slaves and wouldn't dare question your mistress. I, on the other hand, hardly ever did anything but challenge my mistress. It wasn't on purpose, I just wasn't a good slave. The following punishment was one that has never left my wicked mind and I have used it on multiple slaves on multiple occasions.

After so much punishment one night, Mistress Katie grew tired of disciplining me and stopped in anger. She slapped my face once before clicking out of the room on her treacherous six inch stilettos. Half an hour later, her lover walked in and set up a chair in the side of the room. My mistress followed and sat in the chair and crossed her legs.

"Do you know what is going to happen to you now, slave?"

"No, mistress."

She smiled her twisted, pixie smile. "My lover," she nodded to the very large man towering over me, "has asked for a go to discipline you since I am so tired today."

My eyes widened because I knew why my Mistress chose this man as her lover and my gaze fell down to his large, hard cock. "Please, Mistress. He is too big, I couldn't take all of that in."

She laughed and leaned forward, "Oh you will." And for the rest of the night the only sound I heard from her was soft, deadly laughter. I couldn't tell if I was more afraid or aroused as her lover mounted me from behind. I had no control of myself because even though I knew he was too big to fit inside of me, I was widening my legs to accommodate him. He slapped my ass and grabbed my hair to pull me against him.

"You will scream for me before the night is over." He positioned himself outside of me, "You will scream again," grabbed my breast, "and again," smacked my ass, "and again."

And then he thrust himself inside of me.

Believe me, Darlings, I screamed. That was the first time I had ever been fucked so hard for so long in my life. After that night was through I begged Mistress Katie night after night to bring her lover back in. Some nights she agreed and I was fucked over and over. It. Was. Delicious.

Mistress B.


  1. That does sound delicious mistress. Though I would prefer to be taken by a woman like you every night.

    Thank You Mistress B.

  2. SissyD,
    I know you would. I am a little different than my Mistress' lover. I am capable of kindness as well.

    Mistress B.